Alien Friend

Winter is here and after braving a chilly Melbourne morning where we tackled an out of control flower bed, Henry and I headed indoors to take shelter from the wind. It was a perfect time to try out this new crafty idea…

What you need: Foil, glue, small cardboard box, white cardboard, black marker, scissors and an old sock – preferably red.

Getting started: The cardboard box will become our Alien friend’s head so we need to cut out a rectangular mouth.  I don’t know about other 4 year old’s but mine is OBSESSED with scissors.  Despite getting him his very own little person’s (safe) ones, he has no interest in them and only has eyes for the dangerous kind.  I managed to convince him that I was to be in charge of all cutting and he was in charge of the glue stick.  I hope the UN get wind of my fine negotiation skills.

Back to the box….Cut the bottom flaps off the so that there is a neat opening at the base.  Once this step and the rectangle hole for the mouth is made, we are ready to cover the box in foil.


I cut two sheets of foil, enough to cover each front face of the box and fold over the sides.  Henry covered the entire front of the box with glue.  He seems to really enjoy using the glue stick…so much so that I started to worry that the fumes may be contributing to his joy.

Henry then placed the foil on the front face and smoothed out the foil surface.  He glued the sides and folded the foil over the edges and in around the opening at the base.  We then did the same on the back face and sides with the second sheet of foil.

Your box should now be covered in foil – except for the opening at the base.  With glee, Henry broke a hole in the foil where the mouth was to be and folded the the excess inside to reveal the big rectangle mouth.  Our alien is now taking shape.

Next…. cut out the eyes (any shape and number) out of the white cardboard – Henry asked for 2 square eyes and he then coloured in black pupils and glued them onto the alien’s face.   With the black marker, I drew a line of sharp teeth on the white cardboard and cut these out.  Henry placed a thin line of glue on the top/flat side of the teeth and I fixed them to the inside of the box at the opening of the mouth.

Your alien friend is now very close to being finished.

Then final step….

Once the glue has dried and the teeth are firmly in place, your little helper can put their best puppet paw into their red sock and insert their sock covered hand into the alien.  The red sock makes a great tongue.  Coupled with the evil laughter of my munchkin, our new alien friend had us in stitches!