Oh my….I am in a haze today after seeing the wonderful Jonsi at The Palace in Melbourne last night.  The entire band was phenomenal and it was a tre romantic eve with my lovely.  I have spent the afternoon tinkering on the piano inspired by the melodies and harmonies of last night’s performance.

When I was pregnant with my first little munchkin, I used to play Sigur Ros to my growing belly.  Recently, we were listening to a Sigur album and the track Snefn-g-englar came on (I had to refer to the I-Pod for the track name – one of the challenges of not speaking Icelandic).  I told Henry that I used to play him this song when he was in my tummy.  Henry answered “I remember. I loved it so much and I would sing along so loudly, I’d be screaming.”

It seems everyone has a Sigur Ros moment and this is mine.

Here is a picture of Henry in feathers not unlike Jonsi’s.  This is from a series taken by my beautiful and oh so talented niece Hailey Moroney.  You can check out her blog here