As Father’s day approached, Henry and I started our annual scheming.  Our chatterings usually took place after story time, in hushed tones just loud enough so that Dan heard our mumbles, successfully planting the seeds that something sneaky was underway.

Our offering to Dan this year was a little song that we wrote and recorded (using glock, voice and mono synth) with accompanying video clip.   In the days leading up, you could find me snapping away as we danced in costumes, wrote melodies and words to describe our big, big love, made play dough hearts, built words with blocks and cut out paper letters to make a banner as colourful as a rainbow.

With the pictures from the story board, we made a panoramic frieze for Dan’s worker-bee station, machine sewing all the pictures from the story board together.

So here’s the finished product that made our grown man cry with happiness.  Stay tuned for 14 seconds of Otis’ chuckles at the end as they are truly contagious.

Why did we go to such lengths?  Because D is a such fine Dad, deserving of a marching band, dancing bears, sky writers and so much more…..maybe next year.

p.s   Writing lyrics with a four year old is hilarious.  I plan to use Henry’s lyrics for all my songs in the future…no more hunching over blank pages for me.