Ah Halloween…how I love thee.  My heart leapt with joy when Henry asked if he could have some of his little buddies from the street over for a night of spooky mischief making.   Henry was adamant that he wanted to dress up as a red back spider.   This was a job for Granny and she gladly succumbed to Henry’s pleading brown eyes.   We had a great night, the three of us gathered around the machine as we watched my fabulous mother work her magic.  Henry and I did some of the grunt work such as stuffing legs, cutting threads and cheering from the sidelines.  Working with no pattern, Mum turned out a fine rendition of one of Australia’s deadliest spiders.

Halloween eve arrived and the kids gathered in Henry’s darkened room.  During the week we had made shadow puppets from black cardboard attached to balsa wood sticks and we used a strong torch to shine onto the bedroom wall.  The stage was set.  I freestyled a horrific tale (well it was pretty G rated actually as the audience was made up of four year olds).  As you can imagine, there was no shortage of willing little helpers to hold the puppets as the story unfolded.  Dan played a live soundtrack on his laptop.  Actually that was probably the scariest part of all….If the makers of Saw are reading this blog (unlikely) you really should give Dan a call.   The little and big folk loved it and Halloween night passed without nightmares – in our house anyway.