I have recently fallen hard for American string band ‘Crooked Still’.  The album has been my autumn soundtrack and although there are so many highlights on the album, it was their version of Henry Lee that got my imagination running rampant.  The subject is grim but in the final verses, the betrayed lover aims her bow and arrow at a bird (depicting her infidel lover) so as to silence his bird song.

My own little Henry loves the song also – though fortunately, he is blissfully unaware of the dark tale unfolding thanks to kooky folk speak.  He DID manage to make out the bow and arrow bit and was most intrigued.

It’s quite hard to find a children’s bow and arrow set that isn’t plastic fantastic, fluorescent or a ferocious cross bow type thing….so Henry and I started work on our own.  Selecting feathers, string and wood, we crafted this little set.  The finished result is purely for decoration and imagination time (for which the local animal kingdom are most grateful)….AND…for props when I get snap happy.

Here’s one of the pictures taken on my trusty Pentax K1000.