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I have recently fallen hard for American string band ‘Crooked Still’.  The album has been my autumn soundtrack and although there are so many highlights on the album, it was their version of Henry Lee that got my imagination running rampant.  The subject is grim but in the final verses, the betrayed lover aims her bow and arrow at a bird (depicting her infidel lover) so as to silence his bird song.

My own little Henry loves the song also – though fortunately, he is blissfully unaware of the dark tale unfolding thanks to kooky folk speak.  He DID manage to make out the bow and arrow bit and was most intrigued.

It’s quite hard to find a children’s bow and arrow set that isn’t plastic fantastic, fluorescent or a ferocious cross bow type thing….so Henry and I started work on our own.  Selecting feathers, string and wood, we crafted this little set.  The finished result is purely for decoration and imagination time (for which the local animal kingdom are most grateful)….AND…for props when I get snap happy.

Here’s one of the pictures taken on my trusty Pentax K1000.


I just got home from a one week tour to New Caledonia.  It was my first time away from my little ones and although I had many a heart palpitation at the thought of being away, I was also in big need of some Nelly time.  The gigs were fantastic and we had plenty of adventures worthy of a tell all book.

On the final leg of the tour, we found ourselves whisked away into the sea by some of old friends on their oh so lovely boat.  In the middle of nowhere, the anchor was plunged and we soon followed, into the turquoise waters of utopia.  Soon after, beers were handed down to us as we perched on the ropes from the boat in the salty sea.  Our swim was shortly interrupted by some rather unfriendly sharks.    It was said that I ran on water back to the boat.  Seriously, I think I broke Thorpie’s  freestyle record on this occasion.   We stood on the boat and watched the 2 dark shadows dart from one boat to another, my heart pounding in my chest.  The shadows faded and when they could no longer been seen, we struck up the courage to re-enter the waters….this time with our instruments.  We treaded water (instruments held high above heads) and fortunately found this sand bar in the middle of the lagoon.  A beautiful French  family from a near by boat came and joined us when they heard the music.  They came to our gig that night and gave us this footage….

This all unfolded a mere stone’s throw from the island Ilot aux Goelands when we got the urge to play tunes in the sea.

It was an amazing week and the homecoming to my boys was oh so beautiful.  My darlin’ D held the fort back home and did a stellar job as I knew he would.  Home is where this girl’s heart is though, and I was so fortunate to have been given the chance to realise how so this is.  Here’s what i came home to…

A few years ago, Dan, Henry and I stole away to the mountains of Valhalla in Eastern Victoria.   We wrote this song for Henry about our little adventure.   I’m pleased to say that Dan even joins me on vocals for this one.  It’s become a lullaby of sorts and sometimes we hear Henry singing it to himself when he’s playing.

Here it is…I hope you enjoy.

Hunting by Welcome Dear Friend

Happy Happy Autumn Days

sticks, leaves + twine

Bliss!  It’s autumn in Melbourne and before my little one stomps on ALL the crunchy leaves, I devised a little autumn mission for my darling.

What you need: Autumn Leaves, Twiggy Branch/Stick, Twine & Scissors

Getting started: In Ugg boots, winter woollies and with bag in hand, we found an avenue lined with big old trees and starting collecting.  We filled our bag with autumn leaf booty – small ones, big ones, red ones and gold ones.  When we were content with the season’s offerings, we reached up and removed a big twiggy branch.  Our chosen branch had lots of twiggy fingers and was approximately 65cm in length.

Back at home we took off our woolly layers and took charge of the kitchen table, spreading out our findings.  Henry picked out 15 of his favourite leaves and we put the others in a dish to keep (a bowl of autumn leaves also makes for a lovely table centre piece).

With the point of the scissors, I then made a small hole towards the centre of each of the leaves.

Henry unravelled some twine and I cut four lengths, ranging from 40cm – 60cm in length.  I then tied a knot on the end of each length.

Henry threaded the first leaf on and gently pushed it down to the knot.  I then tied another knot, approx 10 – 15cm up and we threaded on another leaf.  We repeated this until there were 4 leaves on the twine – each held in place by a knot beneath.  Then we tied the top of the length of twine to a point on the branch.    We repeated this step so that the branch had four varying lengths of twine hanging from it’s twig fingers – each threaded with 4 – 6 leaves of varying colours and spaced in an uneven and haphazard formation.

The end result was truly divine and we have had ours on display since last autumn and it adorns our lounge room wall.  It really has got better with time and and so many people comment on its beauty.  Best of all, it serves as a reminder of the day we spent together traipsing through the leaves.

This would also make a lovely mobile for a little bubba’s room.

To Hang: We used an old picture rail hook (as pictured) but you could easily create a loop with the twine and fix to a wall hook.

Please try this with your little person and let me know how you fare.  I hope you have as wonderful a time as Henry and I did.