Last night, me and my lovely lay in bed, watching the lightning storm, huddling closer as the hit of fierce thunder followed.   With Ezekiel Honig playing softly in the background…it was the perfect place to be.   Such a fitting full stop to a week of love and celebration, chats, music making and hanging out with our wee ones.

I recently came home from a weekend of playing tunes in Meleny, Queensland.  When not playing flutes and fiddles, we traipsed through rainforest and soaked in the smorgasbord of beautiful things to behold…thank you Mumma Nature!   I spent a lot of time looking up at the tree tops and the stars that are often hidden to those of us city slickers but reveal themselves willingly to those who dwell beyond the clutter of lights below.  I stared across the magnificent Glasshouse mountains and tried to take it all in.  It was time alone to wander and wonder and at the end of these few days, I felt an overwhelming sense that for me and my family, there are a period of change ahead…change of the good kind.

In a couple of weeks, we head to Italy on our first international adventure as a family of four.  Soon after, I’ll start my study to ultimately become a midwife.  Without a doubt, this return to student life will affect everyone in my nest and I feel so lucky to have their absolute support an encouragement.   Dan continues to make superb sounds within the studio walls of Tweak and Twang. His work here grows and grows, taking us towards a time when we can flip roles and Dan can work from home and I will head out for work into that big ol’ world.

For now, I am working with the Brunswick Women’s Theatre on a project called ‘Human as a First Language’ which brings together a diverse gathering of women to present a series of performances in November.  These women are extraordinary and we have had some amazing sessions in the studio, capturing their voices and stories.  Stay tuned for details of the performances….