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Oh My….Some of Melbourne’s most sassy and crafty ladies are taking part in a Pop Up Studio Sale in the cities most charming of locations, the Nicholas Building from August 4-6, 2011.  I am terrified to be included amongst the line up which includes Peta Pledger, Betty Jo, Shara Lambeth, Emily Green, Dawn Tan, Madeleine Stamer and Helen McLean.

For the past few days, Mum and I have had our sewing machines in overdrive to finish off our new range of boy’s strides that are oh so adorable and especially made for the pop up studio sale.

There will be goodies galore for the small and tall…. so please drop in for a visit.


It’s been a busy few weeks.  Mum and I have been cranking up the sewing for Crumb in the lead up to Christmas.  Cups of tea flow freely as do our chats, making the time we spend together all the more precious.

I just finished a class at the very lovely Thread Den.  My old friend Peta Pledger took the class and after 2 sessions, my fellow students and I graduated with our finished product, a gorgeous skirt.  Yay!

My adventures continued on the weekend when my lovely friend lent me her little girl to model the latest crumb wares.

Playing dress ups and taking photos of this little eskimo was sheer bliss.  The new pieces have now been listed on the crumb website so please drop by and check out the goodies here .

Here’s some of my favourite pictures from the day.